HTC One M8 Promo Code

The HTC One M8 is certainly one of the most impressive looking smartphones to come out recently. The reputation and overall quality of HTC products makes the HTC One M8 one of the most anticipated of the year. Retail price starts at $649. If you have a valid promotional code you can get up to 5 HTC One M8 for as little as $79 each.

But does the phone live up to its potential? What follows is a quick review of the main features that separates the HTC One M8 from the crowd. Considering that it’s the flagship phone of this remarkable company that may seem like very high standards to hit, but all things considered the HTC One M8 just very well might exceed expectations.

HTC One M8Powerful Design
This is probably the most obvious feature of the HTC One M8. This remarkable design which includes a wealth of features is packed into a sleek, all aluminum casing that is thin, but very strong, durable and quite attractive. The HTC One M8 feels like a great smartphone and is brimming with speed while including all the necessary features.
Although it may not have as many bells and whistles as its rivals, particularly the Galaxy S5 or the Sony Xperia Z2, it does offer a sleek, powerful design that has more than enough for most people. Plus, the curved back and polished edges makes this particular version feel like a luxury phone that both looks good and handles great.

Intuitive Hardware and Software
The difference between the heavyweights of the smartphone industry, namely Galaxy and HTC is that Galaxy focuses on packing in the most features possible in their design. HTC takes another approach in created a great design that includes fewer features, but ones that work best with this type of smartphone. Here, the software processes all the information at a very fast speed thanks to the fact that it does have fewer features overall.
Plus, the remarkable hardware of this unit consists of a quad-core processor that is built to move information as fast as possible. When combined, the hardware and software together make the HTC One M8 one of the best smartphones on the market today. In fact, it almost seems like a luxury-car design as compared to the Galaxy’s more feature-oriented approach that is like an SUV.

The Disadvantages
Although the HTC has a lot to recommend, it doesn’t have everything like the Galaxy 5 seems to possess and there are a couple of places where it could be better. For example, the HTC One M8 is not waterproof which may seem rather innocuous, but it would help to extend the life of this smartphone if it were. Plus, the camera is simply not up to snuff as compared with the Galaxy version.

HTC One M8 CameraUse Coupons to Save More
This one time promotion will end soon. If you prize features over design, then the Galaxy 5 is arguably a better fit for your needs. But all things considered, the HTC One M8 is a simply remarkable smartphone that performs with what it has better than any other on the market. The sleek design with aluminum skin is certainly a highly attractive feature, but it is also in the way it works that truly makes this smartphone stand out from the crowd.

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