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06Cr19Ni10 159*4

2018/11/9 10:51:37 ?? Source / Author: Wenzhou Zheyi Steel Industry Co., Ltd ?? Category:
stainless steel tubing
?? Browse: 3448
 06Cr19Ni10 159*4
Title: 06cr19ni10 159 * 4
Category: stainless steel pipe
Material: 304
Specification: 159 * 4
Manufacturer: Wenzhou Zheyi Steel Industry Co., Ltd
Tel: 15805879033
View: 3448
Time: 10:51:37, November 9, 2018

Wenzhou Zheyi Steel Industry Co., Ltd

People oriented, quality centered, delivery time as the responsibility, focus on your needs and seize your business opportunities Good quality is the hard truth!!!


We have more than 11 sets of cold drawing equipment, 6 sets of various product quality testing equipment! With many years of rich production technology experience for you to customize, processing, restructuring of various materials stainless steel Management and supporting products, looking forward to working with you to create new market opportunities!

Relying on our Wenzhou warehouse and Wenzhou Stainless steel market Environment and convenient transportation advantages, I hope we can open up a new path of stainless steel market segmentation, show our innovative spirit, professional attitude and work efficiency!

The materials we produce are: 200 two hundred and one 、201H、301、 three hundred and four 、304L、TP304、TP316L、316L、321、F321、310S ? 317L ? 2205 (duplex stainless steel) and so on, at the same time our warehouse also has a large number of stock in stock! To adapt to the fierce competition of stainless steel market environment with ultra-high cost performance! Main business: 310S ? 317L ? 316L》

Stainless steel thick wall pipe: twenty × 6— φ 426*20-30 ? ??? Stainless steel conventional pipe: φ 10*1.5— φ six hundred and thirty × forty

Stainless steel special-shaped pipe: square tube 15 * 15 × 1.5—200 × two hundred × 5-10 flat tube: 40 × twenty × 2—200 × one hundred × 8-10

Dear customer, you must have encountered some problems in the process of production or transaction, such as a small amount of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel thick wall pipe, stainless steel thin wall pipe, super thick wall pipe, stainless steel plate, stainless steel round steel, round steel head, stainless steel pipe stock head, etc., or because of this material, the equipment can not operate normally and the transaction can not be completed on time, Now I can help you solve this problem; Because to help you solve the difficulties is also an affirmation of our working ability! We will make full use of all the available resources to make, reform, cut and allocate stock for you at the fastest speed. For you to save time, save materials, reduce costs, improve your competitiveness!

Contact person: Chen Xiang ?? { The main business is non-standard thick wall pipe and has a large number of stock in stock,

Mobile: 158 0587 9033

Tel: 0577-28997701 ?

Fax: 0577-28997730 ?

Job QQ: 357412091 ? Wechat: 15805879033

Warehouse address: No.4 Houzhang Road, building section, industrial front street, Dushan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

Note: you can send me the specifications and materials you want to order by fax and telephone, and we will give you the most accurate on that day offer !

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