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Shandong Taishan Steel Group

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 Shandong Taishan Steel Group

Shandong Taishan steel Group Co., Ltd. is located in the eastern foot of Mount Tai -- "green steel city" in Laiwu City. It is a large-scale enterprise group with iron and steel metallurgy as its leading role, spanning the fields of energy and power, machinery manufacturing, scientific research and development, international trade, tertiary industry services, etc.
???? ? Taigang group has 10 branches, 16 branches and more than 10000 employees. It has 3 scientific research institutes, 1 National Technology Center, 1 postdoctoral research workstation and 1 national physical and chemical testing center. It has complete technical innovation, scientific research and development, experimental research and QES management system. two hundred and one Taigang ranked 307th, 156th, 61st, and 40th, respectively, among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Taigang ranked No. 307, China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises ranked No. 156, China's top 500 private enterprises ranked No. 61, and China's iron and steel enterprises ranked No. 40. In 2012, the sales revenue of Taigang exceeded 33 billion yuan.
???? Taigang group has successively won the national contract and credit enterprise, AAA level credit enterprise, backbone enterprise of national new material industrialization base, national demonstration unit of harmonious labor relations, top 100 demonstration unit of national double strength, national advanced collective of iron and steel industry, gold award of the sixth patent award of Shandong Province, top 100 enterprises of Shandong Province, top 100 enterprises of Shandong Province, top 100 enterprises of Shandong Province, top 100 enterprises of Shandong Province, top 100 enterprises of Shandong Province, patent Park of Shandong Province, etc Shandong Province ideological and political work top 10 units, Shandong Province enterprise culture construction top 10 units and other honorary titles.

??? Taigang group implements the development strategy of specialization and high-quality products, takes the transformation of mode and structural adjustment as the central link to promote the development of the enterprise. It always adheres to the synchronous operation of the four "wheels" of "the party's leadership, ideological and political work, enterprise management, and scientific and technological progress", adheres to the people-oriented principle, and regards "both steel and talent" as the fundamental tenet of the enterprise, The enterprise culture with "Taigang spirit" and "five Postures" as the core has been created, and the enterprise has developed in a healthy and healthy manner.
???? Taigang group has always regarded technological innovation and scientific and technological progress as the source power of enterprise development, constantly accelerating the pace of industrial restructuring, and successively built the first hot-rolled medium and wide-band production line in East China, the largest cold-rolled sheet production base in Shandong Province, and the only one in Shandong Province stainless steel Production base. At present, it has an annual output of 4 million tons of high-quality plate and strip, and 1 million tons of stainless steel. The main products of common carbon steel are hot rolling coil and cold rolling coil. Since the stainless steel production line was put into operation, more than 20 series of stainless steel coils with more than 60 specifications, such as nickel saving austenite, martensite and ferrite, can also be used to produce bidirectional stainless steel, high-grade alloy steel, weathering steel, electrical steel, silicon steel and other special steel coils. It can be widely used in petrochemical, marine engineering, aerospace, automobile, ship, medicine, food, water treatment and household appliances.

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Shandong Taishan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd
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